After a decade long break Karma-Ann Swanepoel returns with new music


Karma-Ann Swanepoel started her music profession recording under the moniker Henry Ate. Her introduction collection, Slap in the Face conveyed a few top 10 hits, including the number 1 singles “Just” and “Hello Mister.”

The subsequent One Day Soon proceeded to win Karma her first SAMA grant for Best Pop Album.

Through the mid to late 90s and mid 2000s, Henry Ate visited South Africa playing sold-out shows and featuring celebrations the nation over.

Visits to the UK and the United States followed allowing Karma the chance to move to the states in 2004.

“Try not to Walk Fly” was Karma’s first worldwide delivery.

The achievement of this collection managed Karma the chance to visit the States broadly and perform at a considerable lot of the renowned settings she’d just ever envisioned about back in South Africa.

Be that as it may, things changed for the star in 2007 after Lil Wayne delivered a track called “I Feel Like Dying” which examined Karma’s melody “Once.”

The example had not been cleared and Karma’s distributers sued Lil Wayne. The resulting long stretches of fights in court, press, and assaults by Lil Wayne fans were a lot for Karma and she chose to pull back from the open eye.

“Papercuts” (2008), and the cooperation collection “Edison Project” (2010) were the last fans got notification from Karma for a long while.

In the course of recent years, she has shown up in South Africa, London and the States.

Presently she is prepared to deliver another single, “Hang on Me.” The single is deplorably lovely, suggestive of her initial Henry Ate work.

She attributes this to the absence of cutoff times and no record organizations being associated with the creation procedure.

“I didn’t compose this work for anybody other than me – which is the way I composed all of my melodies until I marked a record bargain and had a lot of individuals who’d never composed or played a tune in their lives reveal to me how they’d like them composed and masterminded”, she said.

Recorded in her home studio with her accomplice Chelsea Uniqorn designing, Karma had the option to convey both her guitar and vocal parts in a single take.

“It’s the most agreeable I have ever been in an account set up. I generally freeze up when I realize I’m being recorded – so I end up not seeming like me. The trustworthiness isn’t there. Chels made it overly simple and let me think I was rehearsing when really I was recording the last takes.”


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