DJ Tira finally releases EP – 21 Years Of DJ Tira


They say consistency is key, and truth be told being consistent for 21 years is not a joke. The legendary Durban producer has given us hit after hit consistently for 21 years straight, he definitely falls under the Mzansi Greatest Music Producers Of All Time.

Titling his EP 21 Years Of DJ Tira is deserving as this sums up his journey and how he has evolved as an artist and music producer. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, being on top has not come easy for DJ Tira. Controversy seems to be the order of the day when you are at the top as many wish to see you fall and it takes tenacity to stay there.

DJ Tira has survived beef with other competitors and accusations like the latest one thrown by the young TNS. The young producer claimed a group of Durban music icons are out to get him because he is talented or something and of course if anything goes wrong in Durban, DJ Tira’s name is thrown around.

The DJ made it clear he was not a part of this debacle as he expressed how tired he was of being blamed for anything that goes wrong in Durban.

Back to the music 21 years of Tira was promoted with the radio-friendly single called Uyandazi featuring the gifted vocalist Berita. 21 years of Tira playlist is as follows:

21 years of tira EP

DJ Tira – Uyandazi (feat. Berita)
DJ Tira – Izwi (feat. Fey, Lungy K & Sneziey)
DJ Tira – Thatha Uthando (feat. Lungy K)
DJ Tira – Nguwe (feat. Nomcebo Zikode, Joocy & Prince Bulo)
DJ Tira – Abangani Abayi (feat. Ornica & Prince Bulo)
DJ Tira – Baba Ka Mosh (feat. Mampintsha)



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