JUST IN: See What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Caught Doing During The Opening Ceremony Of The Invictus Games

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry,

Meghan Markle “pushed” Prince Harry away when he leaned in for a kiss during the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games,a leading body language expert has revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s romantic moment was captured during the televised ceremony – but now a body language expert has cast doubt on the couple’s public display of affection.

Louise Mahler, Body language expert, said that Meghan Markle actually “pushed him away and walked off” after the kiss. She remarked that the Duchess “has all the affection of an alley cat – not much”.

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Speaking on Australia’s Sunrise programme, Mahler analysed the Duchess of Sussex’s body language during her time on stage.

A co-host remarked that there were some “very public displays of affection as the young ones love to call them – between Harry and Meghan”.

Louise responded: “I don’t know what she was doing there at the Invictus Games but when she is on stage, she is so confident as a performer.”

She continued: “The kiss, however – she has all the rhetoric but none of the body language of somebody who is actually affectionate.

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“When he walked up, you would think you would lean forward and put your hands into a cuddle. Instead, she put her hands flat on his chest and stood bolt upright.

“He then kissed her, but she pushes him away and walks off. She has all the affection of an alley cat – not much!”

Fans and commentators responded to the body language expert, with one user, Wicked Felina, writing: “Spot on the regarding the hands up!

“When you don’t want to be near someone for many reasons, that’s exactly what you do! She’s good!”

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A film crew is believed to have joined the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the games as part of filming for a Netflix series called Heart Of Invictus.


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