Tory Lanes’ Silence On Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Is Disturbing


It is somewhat confusing that headlines have been flying back and forth about Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting and Tory Lanes has not really come forward to give an account of what transpired.

The hip hop culture from the ’90s has been tainted with disregard for respect for women, violence, drug trafficking, and gang shootings. For many especially after listening to Jay-Z’s “Ignorant Sh*t” would be convinced it’s just entertainment rappers would be just rapping and not taking sh*t literally.

Hip Hop Culture inspired violence date back from the days of Pac and Biggie, to C-Murder. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to claim that the Hip Hop culture fuels most black on black crime. It is the reason why new refreshing rappers like Drake are thriving as they don’t seem to fall under the old narrative of the culture and they are relatable. Consider how many brothers we lost in the name of the culture. This reminds me of Meek Mill’s gifted prodigy who was quick to meet his demise over an Xbox game.

The latest being the Tory Lanes and Megan Thee Stallion Drama making headlines every day. Of Course, Megan is milking off this publicity evidently which is ok, but why isn’t justice being delivered? It almost seems as if they are just waiting for time to brush this issue away with no consequences for anybody.

Tip Harris a.k.a T.I. is one of the most influential people who are also puzzled and is requesting that Tory Lanes give his side of the story. On a recent I.G Live session, T.I insisted that Tory Lanez comes forward and says something. Though he clarified that he is not saying he doesn’t believe it, many fans did not take kindly to his tone, which lacked sensitivity to Megan Thee Stallion in particular.


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