WATCH: Beyoncé has dropped music video for ‘Brown Skin Girl’


New off the accomplishment of her visual collection, “Black Is King”, which got the whole world moving insane, Beyoncé dropped one more video with a profound established significance.

On Monday, the BeyHive was blessed to receive the official video of her 2019 tune, “Brown Skin Girl”.

The music video dropped a little more than an hour prior and has just been seen in excess of 260 000 times on YouTube.

The video highlighting Queen Bey, her girls Blue Ivy and Rumi Carter, rappers Saint Jhn and WizKid, stars a large group of natural countenances including entertainer, Lupita Nyong’o, vocalist Kelly Roland and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Beyoncé sent a selective message to American morning show, “Good Morning America” about the motivation behind the video.

She stated: “It was so significant for me as an “Brown Skin Girl” that we spoke to every single diverse shade and I needed each character to be shot in a magnificent light. It was significant that we as a whole do this together and we as a whole are commending one another,” said Beyoncé in the fragment of the show.

According to the remarks, the melody has truly had an effect on her fans and devotees.

Joy Lastname stated: “I watched this with goosebumps and tears in my ears. There’s a melanated form of each race and you all so damn stunning!! *proceeds to cry terrible tears yet of joy*”.

WhiteTigress01 said : “From somebody who was constantly informed that my skin is excessively dull by others from a youthful age, this makes me more sure about my own brown complexion tone.

“I’ve never felt so honored No issue your skin tone, you’re delightful. Try not to let others make you suspect something. There’s no magnificence standard in this world ’cause everybody is wonderful simply the manner in which they are, in their own interesting ways “.

Hamtie Ham stated: “Is it just me or does another person feel sincerely associated with these visuals. Growing up, I have consistently abhorred my skin shading and would wear covering outfits when it is radiant outside to keep my skin from getting tanned.

“In any case, after certain acknowledge, it struck me one night that my skin is everything and for how long will I continue detesting what nature know suits me. I’m glad dark, pleased with my skin and pleased with everything dark.

“I generally apologize to my old self yet I’m happy I ventured into a superior portrayal of myself. This tune prepares me


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