Where is Drakes New Album Already?


Waiting is not really my strong suit, where is Drake‘s Certified Lover Boy Album Already? After dropping a massive single with a top-notch video along, I, like many can’t keep it together and quite frankly getting pissed.

There was a time when artists had to postpone album releases to stir up anticipation and rack high figures on first week’s release. Even though this might still work I think it works differently with what level you are as an artist. This was proven by surprise releases employed by big artists like Jay Z, Beyonce’, Kanye, and Drake himself, used it on his mixtape/album “If Reading this you’re too late” which was a success.

So quite frankly its a bit puzzling when Drake thinks it is necessary to use the release date postponement strategy to stir up anticipation. He is already big and should just release the damn album. Then again Drake is a master at his craft and like most who masters their crafts, they are affected by the “perfectionist syndrome” if I might call it, too many final touches!

Early August we were told the new album titled Certified Lover Boy was going to be released around the 28th of August and we are already in September and still no word from Drizzy. Why he gonna do us like that? Though we may be bitter and pissed what most are confident about is Drake’s ability to deliver like a mid-wife, that why he keeps winning big across all platforms. He also got recognition from Spotify for getting 1 billion streams…come on man… dude has got the Midas touch.

Drake also recently dropped a hilarious music video with Dj Khalid and Justin Bieber for the track Pop Star which is already trending. Watch it Below:

We do not know the release date of Drakes Certified Loverboy, but he better release soon we are getting tired of waiting.


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